5 Things I Learned from Trollhunter

We watched Trollhunter the other night, possibly the best movie of all time. As my daughter would say, it was full of “life lessons”. To whit,

1. When a crazy, gun-toting man who does not seem the easily spooked type comes screaming out of the woods at midnight yelling “TRRROOOOOOLLL!”, one should run, not argue.

2. Trollhunting does not come with a health insurance plan. I would file this under the category of “serious oversight”.

3. Duct tape seems to be an integral part of first aid kits in Norway. Strike two for socialized health insurance in Scandinavia. (Maybe the dental benefits compensate.)

4. Never lie about your state of Christian grace. The trolls can smell it. Somehow, the threat of being eaten by a troll seems more real than satan’s fiery darts. Sunday school should rethink their motivational devices.

5. An industrial-strength, ultraviolet gun wil f**k you up if you are a troll. Otherwise, you will just get a tan.

I read that Chris Columbus has optioned the movie for a US remake. Regardless of my feelings for him, somehow, I can’t imagine it being as good as the original. I think anyone remaking it for US audiences would be tempted to make it more graphic/explicit/bawdy, and the understated, dry humor of the original was a huge part of what made it so awesome.


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