So… There went November and NaNoWriMo. I have participated in NaNo before, and love the idea. Although I have come close, I’ve never made it to the finish line within the month. As I’ve said before, finding time to write has always been my big challenge. This year, life got in the way in a more aggressive way that in past years, but the principle stands. That being said, congratulations to all those NaNoWriMo winners!

I’m still on my self-imposed deadline to finish the first draft of Oberon’s Heir by the end of the calendar year. I’m at 300 pages, so I’ll need to push to finish the last quarter of the book in the next month. In addition, I have two short stories, “Paper Dream” and “Sic Transit Axis Mundi” that I’d likee to get into submission by the end of the year. Both have been in submission before, but are undergoing retooling to add a greater emotional depth.


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