Wake Up, The Industry’s On Fire?

So it’s not like it’s news that the industry I’m interested in joining is…let’s say burning merrily a la Christmas Yule log with change. See? Yule logs, those are nice. And friendly.

But in the hummingbird brain link hopscotch that is my daily internet use, I came across three new ZOMG, BIGNYPUBLISHINGISOVER, MUST WE GIVEUPTHEDREAM!?!? kinds of posts.

This was a slightly different flavor of “ebooks will destroy us and take our women” sort-of despair than I’d seen before. These were lamentations by as yet unpublished writers who were looking at a dream of being published by a NY house going up in Amazon-scented flames.

Maybe I’m just too new to this debate to feel that despair yet. I know the industry is changing. I know they haven’t’ figured it out yet and everyone is waiting for the time when TEH PARADIGM IS REVEALED!!! Or at least, they understand it better.

I’m not waiting for that. I have serious doubts that it will be “figured out” in my lifetime. Sure it will be better. Sure some will succeed. Some will fail. But we are living in an amazing, changing world, of which, publishing is a very small part. We’re going to be figuring the whole thing out for a long time to come.

And be angst-ing out the whole mess for a long time. Call it Futureshock, call it Generational Change Fatigue. Not sure.

Regardless, I’ll just have to settle into the whole mess and figure my way forward.


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