Current State of To Do List

Yea, I know. It’s been awhile. I thought by writing all this down, it will inspire me to update here more.


Prepare for Resubmission
“Sic Transit Axis Mundi”, April 9
“Paper Dream”, April 30

Finish and Prepare for First Submission
“The Seven Samovars”, currently out for comment @ PL
Oberon’s Heir, August 30

Work Trip, Madison/Chicago, April 25-27/12
Paradise Lost, San Antonio, May 17-20
Work Trip, San Antonio/Houston, May 21-26
Work Trip, Dallas, June 15-17
Readercon, Burlington, MA, July 12-15
Work Trip, Seattle, August 27-31
Capclave, Gaithersburg, MD, October 12-14
American Translators Association, San Diego, October 24-27

Unfinished/No Deadline
“Mind Your Manners”
Untitled Benjamin Franklin thing
“Dancing to the Tune of Solids”
“No Reportable Intelligence”
“The All Seeing Jade”, unless its name is “Lucky Fuck”
“Corolis and the Goldfish”
Untitled Roxane story
“An Infrequent Affair”
Untitled religious subatomic particle thing
Murder on the Fourth of July
“Insha’Allah, May I Live Forever”


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