Pros and Cons of a Teen Wonder Woman

The CW a few months ago announced it is reworking the Wonder Woman story a la Smallville. As I anxiously await the debut of Arrow, can I hope they don’t screw it up?

I have hopes though, that they might not. Wonder Woman’s story, about trying to fit into man’s world when you are, ultimately, a demi-god, is ripe for telling and I think could really work today. Here are a couple things I’d like to see.

1. Minimal whining. I know everyone at the decision-making levels in Hollywood right now grew up watching Nora Ephron movies, but could we break with the past and not make the super-competent female protagonist completely insecure when it comes to her personal life? At least not at first. Diana grew up in a world full of powerful women. I could see her being fascinated or even repulsed by men, and then with the gradual understanding of how men and women interact, I could see her beginning to wonder if her own reactions are correct. THEN, and only then, might she begin to be a little insecure. And it should SHOCK THE HELL OUT OF HER. Wonder Woman is not an insecure creation, and her new found doubts about herself should really throw her.

2. Avoid the obvious virginity/entering the world parallels. And please don’t make her afraid of sex. Though some teen girls are, a lot of them aren’t. Seriously, an island full of female warriors? They are going to have sex with one another. It IS going to happen. It’s the CW, so I know the titillation factor will be high, and I’m resigned to that, but can we at least present it as normal for their society?

3. Keep the Greek Mythology connection. This is integral and I’m not sure why they would, but I can see someone saying “No actress will be able to say the word ‘Polyphemus’ with a straight face. Kill it.” Please don’t make her the hunted child of a government experiment gone wrong. We’ve already been there. Plus, every kid I know is nuts for Greek Mythology. Just ask Rick Riorden. And they have some ridiculously kick-ass villains.

4. I’d like them to choose a woman who looks like she could actually kick someone’s ass. Someone…oh, I don’t know, a little…Amazonian, perhaps? I’ve met a reasonable number of college swimmers and water polo players and even a few field hockey players and fencers. I have no trouble believing that there are women out there who could kick my ass. But Hollywood can’t have that and have her be  a size zero. That was one of my issues with the failed David E. Kelly Wonder Woman pilot. I just didn’t believe it.

5. Embrace the superhero thing. I know that those comic book costumes, created originally for the four-color printing method, don’t always look great on screen, but people who will be watching this show will be doing so because they like superheroes. They want to see Cheetah and Chronos and Circe with her weird, purple hair. (Although, you can get rid of those horrible, striped pants for Chronos.) They also want to see her superhero friends. I know that there are franchise and rights issues with the big boys, but can’t we get a little second-tier hero action? Elongated Man or Zatanna, anyone?

I know, I know, the comic book geek is always disappointed, but does it always have to be that way?  Let’s see if it even gets picked up. It may just be one of those comic book properties that is, ultimately, unadaptable. In the meantime, I will be waiting for Clack Canary’s canary cry on Arrow. It better not suck.




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