Status Update: Projects

This is an attempt to keep myself honest and on some kind of schedule. It doesn’t generally work, but here goes.

In Progress

1. “Red Tape”. Done and in submission.

2. “Sic Transit Axis Mundi”. Have reworked it and is awaiting final edit from Stephanie then into submission again.

3. “Paper Dream”, formerly “Beckett for American Baroque”. Same as above.

4. “The Witch on the Bus Goes Curse, Curse, Curse”. About half done.

5. “A Frequent Affair”. Stalled out because I’m not sure how it ends. Also trying to decide if it an SFnal story or should I rework it as lit fic.

6. “Dancing to the Tune of Solids”, formerly “A Race through Dark Places”, formerly “Paola”. Still too mired in its previous history as a sidebar piece of fiction associated with a previous roleplaying campaign.

7. Story currently known as “Mind Your Manners” which is not the right title, AKA my Baba Yaga story. Am incorporating comments from last round of beta readers.

8. “Insha’Allah, I will Live Forever”. Maybe a third done.

9. “No Reportable Intelligence”. Maybe a quarter done.

10. And of course, Oberon’s Heir, my work in progress novel. Currently at 69K. Keeping all the stories interwoven together is really throwing me. Also, I keep losing track of where certain scenes are in relation to others.

Not Started

1. Untitled second Corolis story about the dead goldfish

2. Untitled Roxane story

3. Untitled alt-American history with Ben Franklin story/novella

4. Sleeper story. I think this is a novella, if not an actual novel.

5. Murder on the Fourth of July. Novel. Just in notes form

6. “The Left-Hand Windsor Knot of Darkness”. I have no idea what this is, but I love this title.

7. “The All Seeing Jade”, unless its title is “Lucky Fuck”

8. Untitled religious subatomic particle thing


Current State of To Do List

Yea, I know. It’s been awhile. I thought by writing all this down, it will inspire me to update here more.


Prepare for Resubmission
“Sic Transit Axis Mundi”, April 9
“Paper Dream”, April 30

Finish and Prepare for First Submission
“The Seven Samovars”, currently out for comment @ PL
Oberon’s Heir, August 30

Work Trip, Madison/Chicago, April 25-27/12
Paradise Lost, San Antonio, May 17-20
Work Trip, San Antonio/Houston, May 21-26
Work Trip, Dallas, June 15-17
Readercon, Burlington, MA, July 12-15
Work Trip, Seattle, August 27-31
Capclave, Gaithersburg, MD, October 12-14
American Translators Association, San Diego, October 24-27

Unfinished/No Deadline
“Mind Your Manners”
Untitled Benjamin Franklin thing
“Dancing to the Tune of Solids”
“No Reportable Intelligence”
“The All Seeing Jade”, unless its name is “Lucky Fuck”
“Corolis and the Goldfish”
Untitled Roxane story
“An Infrequent Affair”
Untitled religious subatomic particle thing
Murder on the Fourth of July
“Insha’Allah, May I Live Forever”


So… There went November and NaNoWriMo. I have participated in NaNo before, and love the idea. Although I have come close, I’ve never made it to the finish line within the month. As I’ve said before, finding time to write has always been my big challenge. This year, life got in the way in a more aggressive way that in past years, but the principle stands. That being said, congratulations to all those NaNoWriMo winners!

I’m still on my self-imposed deadline to finish the first draft of Oberon’s Heir by the end of the calendar year. I’m at 300 pages, so I’ll need to push to finish the last quarter of the book in the next month. In addition, I have two short stories, “Paper Dream” and “Sic Transit Axis Mundi” that I’d likee to get into submission by the end of the year. Both have been in submission before, but are undergoing retooling to add a greater emotional depth.